About my blog pages

My blog pages are live—they're continuously updated, with the latest, relevant information. :)

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A post is often my personal touch on something I have to offer on the internet, so I make a page to make the idea public and easily-accessible. I would prefer the internet to be more organised, and this website intends to reflect what I contribute in a simple, organised way. I take pride in my website and my contribution to making information available on the internet, as I believe it can make a difference (by making it available). The pages here are also partly just a convenient record and reference for my own needs, which I can access on my mobile phone. :)

Planned pages:

  • My Sporting Achievements (I don't use Strava).

  • Hobbies and photography/videography, including horse riding. (With less private content than my social media.)

  • Music(ians) that I like

  • How red meat is bad for the environment.

  • Resources on Jungian psychology (I'll start off by making a YouTube playlist of The School of Life videos). Christian resources are easily available, but, in contrast, I am agnostic and I interpret life by explaining it from a psychological perspective (one that understands how emotional connection affects behaviour). I hope to find meaningful resources that come from the school of Jungian psychoanalysis, in order to back-up and explain my philosophical beliefs. I previously haven't put much effort into this because it is work, and I think that philosophy and personal growth actually mainly revolves around experiential learning, not educational learning.