Data Analysis



  • Codifying raw survey data

  • Data visualization, for descriptive statistics

    • ggplot in R

    • Stata

    • plotly in Python

    • Tableau

  • Using household survey data

    • Specializing in the South African labour market
  • Statistics

    • aggregation, with grouping

    • distributional analysis; density

    • multivariate regression

    • ARIMA time-series modelling

  • Report writing

  • Automation of scripts (e.g. in a virtual machine)

    • Using APIs for data collection, or running a bot.

    • Updating graphs daily


Short-term projects: I can work remotely from Cape Town, for ZAR 350 per hour.

Longer-term academic projects, based on South African data, attract a lower rate. Especially if I am a co-author on a paper.



  • Stata —since Aug 2017.

  • R —since May 2020.

  • Python (APIs, pandas, plotly, SciPy, scikit-learn), since Sept 2021.

  • LaTeX —since 2015.

  • Git —since May 2022.

  • Bash (for using Linux CLI)


  • Google Workspace (including Sheets, Docs, Forms, and shared drives)

  • Dropbox

  • Office (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook).

    • Excel: advanced functions, modelling, and basic VBA

  • Tableau


My work involved assistance with:

  • Codifying survey responses

  • Stata code for graphs

I produced the statistical tables and graphs in this publication.

See Previous Research, a summary of my Résumé, and please contact me for my CV.


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