Media management

Are you an organisation that generates photographs or videos from events?

I offer consultation about a strategy for your organisation to use, share, store, organise and collect photos and videos from events you host. These days, so many organisations, especially low-budget ones, hold events where the photos and videos aren't collected and shared, in high-quality format, after the event.

Does your organisation have a swamp of unorganised photos and videos? I can offer a consultation about a strategy to organise, and maintain, your photos. Albums for individual people can easily be created and updated through artificial intelligence.

I use Google Photos for this. The photos can be stored in original quality, and viewers can easily download the media. Digital albums of the best media can fairly easily be created, hosted in Google Photos, and shared on your website or through social media.


ZAR 600 for a three-hour in-person consultation. Please bring your computer and smartphone, with enough battery, and a Wi-Fi connection.

Let me organise your photos

This requires that I have access to your Google Photos account (we can create a new Google account if necessary). We will need to upload the photos first, which I can do for R200 per GB.

I will create albums of the best photos:

Uploading to your website and social media 

Sharing a curated album across your social media channels, and uploading videos to YouTube.


Let me create a photobook for you

Design and photo selection: ZAR 6500 for 30 pages; ZAR 400 for every 2 more pages


An A4 hardcover, with 40 pages, costs R700.

2 copies: 10% discount (R630 each);

3 copies: 15% discount (R600 each); 

4 copies: 20% discount (R560 each);

5 copies: 25% discount (R525 each);

10 copies: 27.5% discount (R510 each).