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Let me build an interactive web app for you

Welcome to my R Shiny consulting service! I offer the creation of custom R Shiny apps. Shiny is a framework for building interactive, responsive web apps that are also mobile-friendly. The apps can automate reporting of data, so that it is up-to-date. It is built on a programming language, so it is well-designed for statistics and calculations. 

I am skilled at presenting graphs (using ggplot2). Hundreds of graphs can be embedded in the app in an organised way, being modified when the user selects options from menu drop-down lists. This allows for the presentation of large and complicated datasets in a neat and structured way. The text and calculations in the app can update dynamically based on user input.

I am skilled in statistical programming and time-series analysis and forecasting, which can be incorporated into the app. The app can also have automation built in, allowing it to call data from the web.

Please see my portfolio for examples of my work:

Thank you for considering my consulting service. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and create a unique and useful R Shiny app for your needs.


ZAR 350 per hour  /  USD $20 per hour

Estimated cost to create one app: ZAR 24 000  /  USD $1500  (excluding maintenance)

I can provide the code for you to host the Shiny app, but if you want me to host the app under aidanhorn.shinyapps.io, there is an additional fee of ZAR 350 per year.


Please provide a wireframe. The app can be embedded on a website, or displayed covering the entire screen (with the original URL).






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