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Mr Aidan Jonathan Horn

Hi 😃 I am an academic economist. I can code in Stata, R, Python, LaTeX, Markdown, SQL and Git. Check out my free Shiny apps. 😁

Currently, I am focusing on providing policy advice for mandatory pensions in South Africa. The Treasury discussion paper is saved at (14 Dec 2021). My supervisor is Andrew Donaldson, within SALDRU, working alongside SA-TIED.

My hobbies are trail running; going on overnight hikes; horse-riding; having coffee at a café, or pizza & craft beer at restaurants; and sailing.

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Telegram: @aidanhorn

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International Finance, Time Series Analysis (PDFs), Macroeconomic Modelling, machine learning, an introduction to GitHub, and more.


I think I have an INTJ personality.

To get a brief description of the Myers-Briggs personality preferences, go to and click on the hyperlink for each scope (shown in the image).

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