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Work Experience

I am experienced in working with data, be it collecting, cleaning, encoding, storing, wrangling, visualizing, analyzing or imputing data. I can use Stata, R, Python and SQL. From 2019 onwards, I have worked as an economist in SALDRU—looking at labour and macroeconomic trends in South Africa. I also worked for a behavioural economics consultancy. Through this experience, and my post-graduate Economics courses, I became a proficient statistician, with an understanding of survey design, microeconomics, and time series forecasting. My research simulating earnings cuts during the covid-19 lockdown fed into the national policy debate on the furlough scheme (the Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS)).

I have experience with GitHub, Office, Teams, SharePoint, Google Workspace and Tableau.

From 2022 I started working in corporate settings more, focusing on data skills and programming. From Jan–May 2022, I worked in the FMCG industry as a Junior Data Visualization Developer at DataOrbis (a data analytics company). In that role, I used Tableau to edit and refresh business intelligence (BI) dashboards for retail manufacturers. From May–July 2022, I practiced arbitrage on the cryptocurrency market, using Python.

From August 2022 onwards I started an academic project, analyzing income tax data, at the National Treasury, to contribute to the retirement savings policy discussion. During a data creation process, I am skilled at documenting meta-data.

Since April 2023, I have been an Associate at Codera Analytics, as a software engineer. At Codera, I formulate schema to structure unstructured public-domain economic data. I use those syntheses to transform the data that we extract, which are then loaded into EconData. The data engineering is very methodical, and requires a high degree of logic. At Codera, I also develop Shiny apps, help with blog posts about our data, and write documentation (including public docs).



I have done introductory courses in Python and SQL (e.g. on DataCamp). The Google Machine Learning documentation ( https://developers.google.com/machine-learning ) is a good place to focus on and learn machine learning—I plan on doing this (my profile).

I aim to work through the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate Certification. My Microsoft Documentation profile is https://docs.microsoft.com/en-za/users/aidanhorn 

University of Cape Town

BSocSci BCom(Hons) MCom Cape Town

Feb 2019 – March 2020: Master of Commerce in Economics

Econometrics, Microeconometrics, Labour Economics, Macroeconomics, Game Theory, Information Economics, Mathematical Economics. Dissertation: Teacher Remuneration in South Africa.

2018: Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Economics

Econometrics, Development Economics, Policy Analysis, Labour Economics, International Finance, Behavioural Economics, Macroeconomics, Mathematical Economics. Dissertation: The youth wage subsidy in South Africa.

2014–2017: Bachelor of Social Science (Economics, Mathematics)

3rd year level: Mathematics, Economics (Micro, Macro, Labour, Econometrics), Public Policy.

2nd year level: Mathematics, Economics (Micro, Macro, Development Economics), Public Policy & Administration.

1st year level: Mathematics, Public Administration, Economics, Sociology, Social Development, Statistics, Psychology, Environmental Science, Information Systems.