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Mr Aidan Jonathan Horn

Hi 😃. I am a data scientist, with a background in economics. I code in Stata, R, LaTeX, Python and SQL. I have experience with Tableau, Office, Teams, SharePoint, Google Workspace and GitHub. Check out my free Shiny apps. 😁

My hobbies are trail running; going on overnight hikes; horse-riding; having coffee at a café, or pizza & craft beer at restaurants; and sailing.

I work at Kastelo, a financial services company which deals in arbitrage.


In economics and finance, arbitrage is the business operation involving the purchase of foreign exchange, financial securities or commodities in one market and their almost simultaneous sale in another market, in order to profit from price differentials existing between the markets. Opportunities for arbitrage may keep recurring because of the working of market forces. Arbitrage generally tends to eliminate price differentials between markets. Kastelo trades between currencies.

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International Finance, Time Series Analysis (PDFs), Macroeconomic Modelling, machine learning, an introduction to GitHub, and more.

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