Property Valuation

Get an Accurate Valuation of Your Property Today 

Save thousands with my statistical analysis!

Looking to buy a residential property in South Africa? Or do you want to know how much your property has appreciated over the years? Look no further! I am a professional property valuer, and I can help you with that.

Using statistical analysis of historical property price data from surrounding properties, I can estimate the value of your property taking into account certain features that are given as variables in the data. I even take inflation into account and provide insight into a general property price index trend, with a short-term forecast. My reports also include confidence bands, so you can be sure of the accuracy of my valuation.

For only R1300, which includes three hours of work and sourcing the data, I can help you make an informed decision about your property purchase or bidding. Plus, my report includes an explanation of how I estimate the price statistically, in relation to the variables available to me. I would like to bill half the bill upfront, and half after receipt of the report.

Don't wait any longer. Get in touch with me today and let me help you save potentially hundreds of thousands of rands.


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