Website creation service

Get your own website

Free hosting. Custom domain. All-inclusive.


First year:

  • ZAR 1100 ( domain)

  • ZAR 1500 (.com domain)

  • Other domains available


  • domain: ZAR 600 one year later + 5% in following years

  • .com domain: ZAR 1000 one year later + 5% in following years

Simple, easy, neat

Grow your audience with a web presence that you can control and customize. You can get a low-budget sleek and professional website for your small business, organization, event or community. My service is to set-up, build, design and produce the website you need. I can offer 1 hour of content updates every three months after that, to maintain the website, or additional hours to expand the website. I will share the site with your Gmail address. A Google Site is easy for you to creatively edit and update, as new information is needed, and is a low-budget option as hosting is free. My service includes attaching a custom URL to the site, and I can help you to choose an appropriate one.



You can choose which domain you want, subject to availability. A more expensive domain name will push up the rental price.


It should take me 4 hours to create the website from scratch, with one or two pages. Additional external direct links in the menu are free. The 3rd and additional pages will cost ZAR 400 each. (ZAR 300 each for maintenance in following years.)

If you require more attention to design, such as editing images in GIMP (for transparent backgrounds), I charge R120 per hour.

I can then offer 1 hour every three months for assistance or content updates. I will provide you with the ability to edit the website.


It is easier if you provide content, such as text, images and video, specific to your organisation. I will contact you to provide this.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I build websites with SEO techniques. This involves writing text centered around your desired keywords, but using a natural flow of language. Traffic is part of your SEO ranking, and the length of time that visitors spend on your site. It will take a few months for your website's ranking in search results to increase, especially in a competitive search.



  • I will use Google Sites. You can edit the website with your Google account.

  • I will not use JavaScript or CSS. You can embed HTML.

  • Hosting is free, but files need to be hyperlinked from elsewhere.

  • The site will have a secure connection protocol (https://)

Use the custom domain for Gmail

I can be your Google Workspace administrator for ( ZAR 200 base rate + ZAR 200 per user ) per month. This includes the following apps, with your new professional email address: Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Keep. It is easier to pay this upfront every six months; I will keep a statement of all my services.


+27 87 222 6096

​Zoom room 4513247539 (we could discuss the URL while I share my screen, to see prices and which domains are available)


I will invoice half the initial bill upfront, and half upon completion of the website. International clients can pay either through SWIFT to my South African bank account, or via .


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