My Calendar

"Can we meet?" is the worst question, because either it wastes time or there will be a delay. A calendar is a place where plans are made: create an event in a calendar, everything is laid out concretely there, and RSVPs are made there. Or at least do that while discussing verbally.

Practically speaking, I do things that are in my calendar, and I don't do things that aren't in my calendar. 😊 So, this literally translates to my friends and colleagues being those who are happy to use my electronic calendar (or at least, the frequency of events with friends and colleagues being that where I am added to calendar events). If it isn't in the calendar, I'm not committed to it; if it is in the calendar, I am committed to it! An event in my calendar automatically sets off an alarm on my phone half an hour before the event starts. My scheduling links are permanent: I am always available at some time in the future, and you are always welcome to schedule a time to meet me (this can conveniently be done with the Calendly app). Note that I have a personal Calendly account as well, for after working hours.

iCal address:

Here is some information on how calendars get shared. If you use Google Calendar, you could type "" in the "Search for people" field (as shown in the screenshot). 

I use to sync my calendars. CalendarBridge referral code: 7RlBb