About my blog pages

I often review my website, and keep my blog pages updated 🙂. Please click on the drop-down arrow on "Blog" in the menu at the top, to see my blog posts.

A post is often my personal touch on something I have to offer on the internet, so I make a page to make the idea public and easily-accessible. I would prefer the internet to be more organised, and this website intends to reflect what I contribute in a simple, organised way. I take pride in my website and my contribution to making information available on the internet, as I believe it makes a difference. The pages here are also partly just a convenient record and reference for my own needs, which I can access on my mobile phone 🙂, or share with friends.

My website makes sense because it is an asynchronous way to communicate the most important information which I want to publicly share. It is a space where I can control what gets discussed, so that my voice isn't lost in chatter, and where I am afforded huge flexibility with the layout of the page. And also the technology makes it easy for anybody to access the text, with no account sign-in needed, so some of the pages are intended as references. I take the presumptuous and perhaps naïve view that I tend to have a better, clinical, and more forward-thinking approach to online communication... I predict that a personal website would be more commonplace in future. (My opinions on online communication may be weak due to a neglect of emotion via text, although they may be stronger due to a lot of time spent in forums.) 

Social media

Emotions belong offline. Information belongs online.

I feel that social media has too much junk these days, unfortunately. I treat my social media profiles like blog pages (rather than being opinionated)—each post is succinct, and good quality enough that I would want to reference it in future. My advice is to cut down on your (virtual) Facebook Friends; and on Twitter, skip past the scandals and hype. I use Instagram seldom. I look more for information on the internet, rather than gossip or junk. That approach also filters through to what content I decide to communicate myself, although I usually keep my informal online communication honest and personal. The openness of online communication is a question of a boundary.

Regarding video streaming, my family hasn't watched T.V. since around 2005 (being fed what to watch, and the adverts, is a waste of time). I seldom watch Netflix (unless there's a good documentary I have to watch, and I'm subscribed), but I sometimes entertain myself on YouTube.

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